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Euryon business solutions International Limited

Specialized Training & Conferences

Your training service provider is full of professionalism and ethical standards, giving value to your training needs. For over four years and with diversified, organized conferences, courses, in-house courses, and e-learning courses, we have been leading the field of business professionals who want the knowledge, partnerships, and market insights needed for further growth.


We are a training company with offices in Kenya, committed to providing quality, customized, and tailored training in Africa and globally. Founded in 2019, Euryon Business Solutions Limited is one of the world’s leading business intelligence companies. EBSIL supports private, public, and non-governmental organizations for quick yet sustainable wins to corporate transformation programs, focusing on providing our clients with the information and connections they need to accelerate performance in their business; we can count the majority of the world’s companies as customers. 

Working across all industry sectors, our Summits, Conferences, and Online Events brands deliver innovative high-level content, networking, and one-to-one meeting platforms that bring together key decision-makers on a truly global scale. Our values are centered on value creation, a do-it-yourself philosophy, and collaboration. Our Professional Training division offers a diverse and extensive range of training solutions covering corporate, highly technical, and soft-skills training on a global scale.

Euryon Business Solutions International Limited holds broader interests in client engagement, bringing incredibly emotive power into our client’s organization departments and providing the world’s most discerning clients with exclusive bespoke experiences based around some of the world’s most sought-after events. Our highly competent in-house consultants work closely with a carefully selected team of associate consultants to ensure we exceed our client’s service expectations. The consultants undertaking our various assignments are the best in their areas of expertise and have, over the years, lived up to our promises to our clients.

Our Vision

We will be a growth company, enabling our people to produce innovative, inspirational, and indispensable services that our clients will actively seek, being passionate about collaboration, operational excellence, and stakeholders’ success and delivering unrivaled learning advantages to our valued clients.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the information and insights they need to sustain a valuable competitive advantage, bringing out the best in their professionalism. A mission that drives our passion for excellence

Our Core Values